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Program Overview


Community Development 

Guest gardeners and volunteers grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to be prepared in the GRACE Marketplace Café 131 where individuals experiencing homelessness may come to enjoy nutritious food produced with tender love and care. The GRACE Grows Garden touches the lives of many, helping to create community around nature, delicious food, and personal growth.

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Horticulture Therapy

Our community garden located on the GRACE Marketplace campus provides a space for individuals to connect with nature, practice self-care, and find relief from the day-to-day stress of life. For individuals that have experienced trauma, spending time in the garden promotes mental and physical health.



In partnership with the University of Florida Doctor of Plant Medicine Program, we conduct a vocational training program for individuals to learn about horticulture and gain job skills. Participants of the program have the opportunity to become Certified Horticulture Professionals after completing the course.

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