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Southeast Gainesville Community Food Project
"Linking the Agricultural and Cultural Roots of Southeast Gainesville to Increase Food Access and Sovereignty"

G.R.A.C.E Community Engagement Toolkit

This model aims to help you and your neighbors leverage the assets and strengths in your neighborhood to create equitable and sustainable solutions to many different types of social issues.


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Community Advisers

Our Community Advisers are people from the impacted community who were  nominated by community members. Our Community Advisers are in leadership or people who are not tradititionally recognized in a position of power who have experience in systems relevant to food accesibility like the following:

food assistance programs, farming/agriculture/gardens, food chain work, community connection like activism or faith based groups, small business entreprenuers, education and human services, public transit, local culture, and people directly impacted by disparities.

Our Community Advisers are Brenda Phillips, Linda Williams, Taketa Hall, Jennifer Revell, Latorria Mosely, Staci White, Laverne Porter-Mitchell, Nathaniel Courtney, Ryan Reid, Janet Hayes, Kiearia Williams, Carla Lewis-Miles, Drucilla Hale, Howie Ellis, and Reginald Moaseley

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