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Volunteer Intern Opportunities- 

Grace Grows prioritizes working with diverse people who have been impacted in some way by the issues surrounding our work. We are looking for flexible doers who are justice minded people interested in systems approaches as we are a growing grassroots volunteer run organization who hopes to distribute labor equitably. These positions will not just give you hands on experience. They will offer you mentorship and the ability to learn leadership and how to advocate effectively for people who experience disparities.

If you are interested in an intern position, please send your resume and cover letter to Tell us about yourself, not just what you do professionally, but how you live in your community. What would you like to learn? Why are you interested in working with us?


Garden Coordinator

The Garden Coordinator will cofacilitate volunteers and participants in the Grace Grows Gardens at the GRACE Marketplace shelter for people experiencing homelessness. You will have the opportunity to learn permaculture and horticultural techniques, landscaping, ecologically friendly practices with ornamentals and edibles, and how to work with diverse stakeholder groups. Candidates with gardening, agriculture, outreach experience, social work, food systems knowledge and related experience are preferred.

Availability: Must be available on site in the garden Saturdays from 9:30-1:00. Must make a 6 month commitment. A 4 hour time commitment a week is required.

Development Intern 

The Development Intern will focus on fundraising, community engagement, public relations, and social media marketing. You will have a unique opportunity to participate in the administrative growth of a grass roots nonprofit while sharing narratives that build power in impacted communities. We are looking for candidates who already understand social media and the various platforms available for marketing like Canva. People with experience in marketing, brand development, narrative building, nonprofits, development and related fields are preferred. 

Availability: Flexible. Most hours will be remote with at least 1 Saturday a month spent in the garden or some time spent attending special events. This is a 6 month commitment. A 3-4 hour time commitment a week is required.

Horticulture Therapy Intern 

The Horticulture Therapist Intern will have the opportunity to help codesign programing in the garden to suit the needs of people in crisis and people experiencing disabilities. You will have one on one interactions with folks who are experiencing homelessness and volunteers.  We are looking for candidates who are working towards credentials in horticulture therapy.

Availability: 9:30-1:00 in person at the garden Saturdays for 6 months. Some work can be performed remote but most hours will be spent in the garden. This is a 6 month commitment. A 3-4 hour time commitment a week is required.

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